For the past twenty years, Ms. Roper has been a coach and advisor to parents, teachers, and counselors in multiple school districts in NYC and London, England.  Her talks revolve around conscious parenting.  She offers breakthrough approaches to healing relationships between parents / mentors and children.

Additionally, Laurie offers special events in the form of webinars, podcasts and speaking engagements as well as one-on-one coaching on the subject of “How to Live a Life Without Self-Imposed Limits”.  In a nutshell, she teaches multiple  strategies  to update your personal / spiritual operating system so you  can experience a transformation on multiple levels of your life.
Michelle V. from Phoenix. Arizona. comments,  “It’s like having a fengshui person come to your  house to get the stuck energy flowing.”
Lynn L. C from New York City says,  “Got me off old patterns and behaviors based on belief systems that were really damaging to my career and personal relationships.”

Speaking about energy and consciousness, and the use of universal principles to create tangible results in your life, her spiritual mentoring empowers those she works with.

Laurie’s approach is to help you partner with your “inner guidance” to activate a core energy management system which helps you manifest what you want, and sets a template for emotional and spiritual freedom.

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