For the past 25 years, Ms. Roper has been an advisor to parents and mentors of children that have been defined as having academic, emotional, and social problems. Her specialty is neuro-plasticity having been a special education and gifted teacher in several school systems over the years as well as an accredited Applied Kineseologist and One-Brain therapist.

Ms. Roper uses breakthrough techniques that remove emotioanl blocks to learning and to negative inter-actions with others which are often triggered by subliminal programs.These programs continue to exist on the personal timeline and until addressed, will always lie in wait to sabotage the individual. The issues are found using kineseology (muscle testing)and different forms of dousing because the body never lies and the conscious mind is by-passed for the HONEST truth. Then, the issues are diffused and removed leaving space for new behaviors and an enlightened prospective. The multiple strategies used are meant to update the adult and/or child’s personal spiritual operating system in order to experience a transformation on multiple levels. When we connect the mind, body, and spirit the person can experience a radical life change.
Michelle Venne: Award winning author/teacher/yoga instrutor, Phx. Az.  “It’s like having a fengshui person come to your house to get the stuck energy flowing.”
Hildy Lazaraus: A.P. New York City School System,  “While working with Ms. Roper in NYC, I’ve seen kids who are severely oppositionally defiant really calming down after being treated to multiple diffusions of the techniques she brings to the table. She can get to the heart of the matter very quickly using her skills and a intutive understanding of where the hidden issues really lie.”
L. LaCava: Sales and Marketing Executive, N.Y.C.,  “Formidable techniques used for pain reduction and the stress of my career which had me travelling incessently and took a toll on my health.”

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