Geek to Glory

Jackson Elderberry Monroe is indisputably a geek. He has been shunned and shamed by many of his classmates, harassed by the psycho sister he nicknames Medusa for “obvious reasons,” and stalked by the school bully, Devon. Life is not exactly going to plan for him and high school in the Fall doesn’t look promising. That is until one-night TeTe, an extra-terrestrial from the planet Sirius B wakes him up to give him the good news. He is to be prepared for a mission to help save Earth from being sucked into a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy by Intruder races from other time matrixes. Training is to begin immediately.
TeTe, not exactly a role model, had gotten himself in a lot of trouble with the Sirian Council due to his rogue behavior, particularly when on assignment to the sinister planet Nibiru. He was reminded that he was swiftly extracted from Nibiru before being hooked up to the ‘Computer of Everything’ where his brain was to be emptied of all info concerning Sirian Technology; a technology when used for evil purposes, could destroy continents and create holes in the space-time continuum. TeTe is also reminded that training Jackson for the mission will be his most important. assignment and his last if he fails. He must prove himself worthy of being re-instated to the Sirian Council or else! There’s a lot at stake for him as well as for Jackson although Jackson is clueless about the danger involved. TeTe is not about to tell him upfront as he doesn’t want Jackson to back out. for he an important cog in the wheel.
TeTe explains to Jackson, after waking him up with a cattle prod to the bottom of his feet, “ You and some other kids with particular talents have been chosen in a cosmic lottery by the Inter-Galactic Councils to help save Earth from a black hole fall. Although there will be a little bit of danger involved, your training with me will compensate for that. And, of course, there will be perks like having your DNA upgraded so you’ll be able to change your atomic structure and shapeshift at will, enjoying clairaudience and telepathic abilities. And, you’ll look forward to adventures to higher dimensions beyond the third where you’re stuck.” If that’s not enough, you’ll partake in the healing pools in the Spa on dimension 8. You’ll meet-up with one of your future identities and maybe take a reconnaissance trip to planet X-Lhositio. Who can ask for anything more?” In a split second, Jackson has to decide whether he wants to endure life as a geek or open himself up to new worlds albeit with some danger involved. “Well, that’s a no brainer” is his reply to TeTe’s invitation.