We are the one

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.”

–attributed to an unnamed Hopi Elder of the Hopi Nation

When you analyze the Hopi saying, it suggests a split in timelines. It all has to do with a bifurcation of energy that creates different potentials for living out a future reality. Living in fear and anger presumably puts you on one timeline where the world will continue to be fraught with environmental, economic, and social problems on a magnitude which is almost impossible to imagine. Alternatively, if you can release fear, desperation, and anger and learn to flip these emotions to a sense of inner knowing and peace, things will be okay. If you can stay serene, fearless and in service to yourself and others, you will potentially have your feet planted on a more evolved timeline. Here, you will experience a much more positive reality. And, you are the person you’ve been waiting for! It’s all about quantum physics and how to control your future energetically.

Thinking about the meaning stated by the Hope Elder forced me to come to an AHHA moment. I interpreted the statement to mean people who are awake and aware and able to see beyond the illusion of a controlled group dictating how our lives are run have the ability to shift timelines individually and collectively by their thoughts and actions.

As we all know, the tide is running fast and furious in this strange year of polarities. Environmental devastation, economic upheaval, lawlessness, political scams and lies, as well as distortions in all forms of media have created absolute misery for too many. It is right to think that the world will be experiencing a new normal but that normal can only be dependent upon the people who ‘we’ve been waiting for.’ US!

The Elders suggest to not look outside yourself for your leader but rather look inside. As difficult as it may seem now, try to banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. Those that are fear driven will try to hold on to the rushing river’s shoreline in order to preserve whatever reality they think is supporting them. They will feel that they will be torn apart if they let go and will suffer greatly because of it. It’s a real visceral fear and quite understandable. Those that have the sense that the river has its destination can fearlessly push off from the shoreline into the middle of the river keeping eyes open and heads above the water.

The Elders also tell us that this is not the Eleventh Hour (to act decisively) but that THIS IS THE HOUR!

Check in with yourself. It is time to speak your truth, to create community, to be good to each other and to not look outside yourself for your leader?

Inelia Benz is a young mystic who has an excellent exercise to eliminate fear and anxiety. She shares it in a free audio as well as newsletter. Find her at ineliabenz.com. The exercise involves scanning your physical body from head to toe to find the energy of fear with instructions to release it. This wonderful woman disseminates tools including meditations and exercises that are uncomplicated and highly effective to achieve personal empowerment. We all need a bit of that for the coming times.

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