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Elevating Human Consciousness

Science has shown us that there are actually fifty different frequencies in the brain. Most of us are familiar with alpha, beta and theta and what those particular brainwaves are about. But, 47 more is pretty interesting. Scientists also tell us that you can reverse engineer these frequencies to change the way your brain functions. So, if you don’t like your thoughts or the reality you’ve created with those thoughts and beliefs, there is help on the way! You can actually upgrade your belief systems and inner programming and thus harness your mind to transform your reality...Read more

Walking Through Walls

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of the possibility of walking through walls. It probably doesn’t come up on a daily basis but certainly we might find it a handy capability in a sticky situation. Guess what? It is now possible according to a new patent I will describe. This patent recently filed enables humans to walk through walls! Fancy that. I immediately knew that this was a done deal which would be available to us in the near future, albeit it takes a little training. I’d hate to think of getting stuck with an appendage dangling on one side of the wall and with no escape. Scientists have figured out a way, with their knowledge of quantum physics and their understanding of the chakra system. This development seems to be a combination of mystic schools mixed with modern alchemy and includes new ideas about physical space. At the same time, we’re reading about UFO disclosures which have even gone main stream and I wonder if there’s a connection between the two. I guess I’ll keep wondering for a while or until our galactic brothers care to enlighten the masses...Read more

Keys to Maintaining Good Health

It is a given that most of us are experiencing some form of stress and it would seem prudent to safeguard our health as best we can. Therefore, I’m making some suggestions on how to better our chances of staying well in challenging times.
No doubt you have heard much information about how diet and exercise play a key part and also state of mind is right up there. Many of us just know intuitively know how to repair imbalances so this is just a reminder to those that don’t take the time to take care of themselves because they are caught in the whirlwind that is life or they have given up trying as they are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. ..Read more

Ascension Missions

This may get a bit woo woo for some readers. I suggest a line has been drawn among those who believe they have incarnated on earth to stand up in what is probably the most dangerous and tumultuous time in Earth’s history. Standing up means that you have a specific purpose or service contract to fulfill as opposed to those that sit on the sidelines hoping things will work out while going about their day as if they’ll soon be returning to pre-Covid times. The danger to people that don’t see the hand-writing on the wall is not taking any action or not understanding that we are on the precipice of losing all our personal freedom to more and more government control of every facet of our lives. As the NY Times best-selling author, John Clancy said, “We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it was out.”..Read more

We are the one

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.” –attributed to an unnamed Hopi Elder of the Hopi Nation When you analyze the Hopi saying, it suggests a split in timelines. It all has to do with a bifurcation of energy that creates different potentials for living out a future reality...Read more


Music and Our Troubled Times

Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” Riffing off of Marley’s statement, Dr. Patrick Quillan, Ph.D, author and nutritional expert states that music and laughter are the best medicine. And, “stress is a killer and music is a healer.”..Read more


Magic Becomes Reality in the Quantum Field

The image comes to mind of a lovely, colorful bird having its wings clipped because its owner doesn’t want it to fly away. From the bird’s limited point of view, it may be yearning to move beyond the cage and create a more wondrous life by taking to flight. Bye bye the security of an endless supply of food, the diversions of a swing and pecking bells and hello the unknown..Read more


A Special BRAND of Wisdom

Many of you know Russell Brand as an actor, comedian, social commentator, and former husband of Katy Perry. While at the Sarasota Film Festival 6 months ago and before our country went into a massive tail-spin, I was able to enjoy a documentary that followed Brand giving personal interviews on TV and radio shows. Currently he does You Tube interviews and gives enlightened sound bites of his special ‘brand’ of wisdom. He delivers these with a wicked sense of irony and humor. Can you tell, I like the guy..Read more


We Hold the Power

Are you one of those people that believe everything in life is random and nothing means anything? I remember learning the definition of the world nihilism in school. That being, that existence is senseless and useless. What a tragic place to be in life. It’s seems like a senseless point of view, not to mention selfish. Oh, you’re probably saying well life has its vicissitudes. It has its tragedies, and enormous, unthinkable cruelty so where is the compassion? All this is true of course and many people do seem to have it stacked against them. It’s not that I’m insensitive but I believe that based on feelings of despair, we are not doing the collective any good. Collective consciousness meaning the thoughts that create our reality...Read more


Pump up the Immune System

Stress a part of most of our lives is certainly exacerbated by the coronavirus and all it implies. As we know, stress has a profound impact on our immune system. When we’re chronically stressed, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol which is made in the adrenal glands and can wreak havoc on the immune system. The release of cortisol when under stress can do a lot of damage including increased heart rate, rise in blood pressure, blood glucose, respiration and muscle tension in response. For a double whammy, cortisol shuts down the digestive and reproductive systems when overproduced. Cortisol has been shown to decrease the antibody lGA which plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes and is also located in our airway passages. These membranes are our first line of defence against pathogens that enter our system… ..Read more


Controlling Your Destiny with Epigenetics

The study of the relatively new science, epigenetics, is really a fascinating subject. it is the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off based on environmental factors. According to an internet site entitled, ‘What is’’ one can read that epigenetics is everywhere: It includes what you eat, where you live, who you interact with—all of which cause chemical modifications around the genes. And, Science tells us we have 20,000+ genes and in myriad combinations that can be switched off and on based on the several mentioned factors. In certain diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, various genes will be switched into the opposite state and away from a normal, healthy state as one is exposed to these factors…Read More

Portals and Paintings

I was reading an article written by one of my favorite investigative reporters, Jon Rappaport who I have cited before. I’d like to paraphrase something he said. He tells us imagination has no bounds and that it is the source for the most adventurous explorations. We recognize that imagination can have great impact on the material world and that imagination is non-material and doesn’t obey any laws of physics. Mr. Rappaport likens the difference between reality and imagination to those people who believe life is a museum and in walking through the rooms, many find just one painting to concentrate on and take up permanent residence instead of traveling through hundreds of other rooms full of great art works. He tells us the museum is endless (think about the Tsar’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg); the one completed in 1762 by 4,000 people with 460 rooms where many, many great artworks are hung. When we learn how to live through and by imagination, we enter and invent new space and time. By using our imagination, we can solve a problem or even skip ahead of the problem and render it inoperative. ..Read more


Coming Out of the Void

We were horrified to hear about the incredible damage and death toll in Australia. Not only were human lives lost but one billion animals perished. It’s hard to imagine those statistics. Many people experienced empathy and issued prayers either individually or in groups. Although Australia is thousands of miles away from the North American continent, we showed solidarity on our own terms praying, sending gifts of money or material objects.

There are some that see the symbolic nature of these fires although they are probably in the minority. I’d like to point out what I think is relevant and then you decide. If we think about the catastrophe in another perspective, Australia needed to develop a new level of society, a new form of lifestyle and a new form of community. Before such a shift could occur, a void state needed to be reached. In its more mundane form, the definition of void state would mean nothing legal or binding. In the sense of spiritual awakening, a void could mean that the path of enlightenment requires painful ego dissolution and the disintegration of the illusion of separateness. As we navigate the waters of spiritual awakening in a time when our planet is rising in frequency, also known as ascension, we experience voids in phases. It’s never an easy ride. ..Read more


Authenticity And All the Grey Areas

I am intrigued by the multiple meanings of the word authenticity as it relates to people and objects. Do the words, ‘he is really such an authentic person’ have attached to it some kind of provenance? Can a person’s authenticity somehow be tracked to past deeds/accomplishments? Is there a stamp of approval or certificate of validation offered to an individual for being authentic as when one refers to some object of value. In the auction houses, if it’s declared authentic, then is can’t possibly be a perfect reproduction done by a top forger. Maybe, maybe not. As a cynic, I wouldn’t doubt that in the art world where people can drop millions for an authenticated masterpiece which was only due to the authentication of the ‘experts,’ people have been tricked. Authenticating works of art is integral to the reputation of an auction house but even they may fail from time to time.

Buyers may go into their personal vaults and stare at what they believe to be a true Rembrandt because the documents say it is so, and they’ve paid enough for it. But, gifted forgers can fool many people. You wouldn’t be buying that 18 million dollar Vermeer painting from Christie’s auction house without papers of authenticity presented would you? Is it or is it not authentic? This is often a conundrum even if the provenance has been established and the paint has been carbon dated to the time the artist lived and it was found to be confiscated by Nazis during world war 2 and hidden in an obscure vault in a bank. Sound like the makings of a true thriller. Still there are grey areas...Read more


You is Important!

The character Abileen, in the movie, The Help, told her young charge, “you is good, you is kind, you is important.” I saw that well-recognized slogan on some wooden planks in an off-the beaten-track vintage store in North Carolina. It gave me pause as it brought to mind that poignant moment in the movie and book. I recently watched a video on Youtube that went viral. In it, there was a tiny boy no more than 3 who had been taught at the age of two to repeat positive affirmations. Then one day on his way to school after he had digested and learned the affirmations, he started repeating them and his mom happened to film the episode. In went like this: I am smart, I can do anything, I am blessed.

I was totally entranced watching him and apparently, I was joined by thousands of other watchers. It made me think about how important it is to keep reminding ourselves daily of our own value because many of us never had this validated by family members or friends. It starts with us. Our mind can be our staunchest supporter or chief villain. It depends on how much control you have over it and how willing you are to be disciplined and be ‘the gate-keeper.’

Someone told me about a technique he used to reprogram his subconscious mind because as he explained, “if anyone was feeling unloved and taken for granted, it was me.” He told me he looked in the bathroom mirror every day and repeated some personal affirmations beginning with the high frequency words, I am. He did this for forty days because he’d been told that’s how long it takes the subconscious to start believing the new program. What came out of it for him was an avenue of abundance in his work life which he said, “blew my mind as I I never believed in this stuff.”..Read more


A Goldfish That Never Made Anything of Himself

If you move a goldfish from its bowl into a large lake, the goldfish will still swim in the same small circles. He doesn’t know any other way because the poor thing is trapped in its own belief system. My point is that when we question our beliefs, and what are beliefs but programs we’ve bought into, we question our limitations. Now, I’d say that is a good thing because it’s the first step to making positive changes in our lives!

Ask yourself, does this belief serve me? Does it get me to where I want to go or does it take me further away? Unlike the goldfish, we are capable of critical thought. If we want to move on in life, if we’re feeling stuck, then isn’t it about time to give it a real think and question our beliefs and our limitations? Isn’t it time to start thinking out of the box and not going along with the status quo?

I thought I’d add this to the blog since I was talking about goldfish and since the news is often so horrendous, this may add a smile.

Ask yourself, does this belief serve me? Does it get me to where I want to go or does it take me further away? Unlike the goldfish, we are capable of critical thought. If we want to move on in life, if we’re feeling stuck, then isn’t it about time to give it a real think and question our beliefs and our limitations? Isn’t it time to start thinking out of the box and not going along with the status quo?..Read more


We’re Off to Penzance!

I was reminiscing about a time when my sister and I needed to get a rental car in London to take us to Penzance, three hundred miles due west in the area of Cornwal, England. Penzance is located at the very western tip of the Cornwall Peninsula and accessible by the M4/5 highways. We were excited to be viewing an open- air festival bringing artists, musicians and writers of the highest caliber. I had booked us into a great B&B for the weekend. So, off we went to the rental car agency. Unfortunately, neither of us knew how to drive a stick shift. At the time that was the only type of car available. The woman at the rental place asked us whether we knew how to drive a car with a manual transmission. After winking at each other conspiratorially, we simultaneously answered, “yes, of course.” We figured we could learn how to drive one of ‘those’ cars in a nearby parking lot before venturing on the highway. Pretty brash decision.

It wasn’t a great plan. We never got to Penzance that day! We decided that one of us would shift (me) while the other would steer to make it less stressful on the driver. We kept the car in first gear. What was particularly debilitating is that no sooner were we on the A4 than the engine began to overheat, smoke, and finally seize up. We should have realized something was amiss when we couldn’t get the car to go beyond 30 miles an hour and other cars were honking angrily at us as if something was very wrong with us. Something was very wrong, and we had to pull off the highway and wait for help to come...Read more


The Power of Imagination

You may, at some time, have considered how beneficial and life altering your imagination can be. Consider Olympic athletes using imagery as mental training. This mental prowess was cultivated through years of training the mind to tune out distractions , reduce stress, sharpen focus , and achieve optimal performance.

Most of us haven’t used the wealth of our imagination for manifestation purposes or to achieve our goals. We use it more often to envision a worst case scenario for something we are nervous about or in fear of at some time in the future.

Our imagination, if used properly, can be our greatest ally. Once discovered, imagination can help us expand and enhance our goals and dreams. It can make them larger and infinitely more exciting. Therefore, it is the most important secret on the planet.

Jon Rappaport, who is an investigative reporter, author, and blogger often writes on subjects that have to do with exiting from the matrix and the power of imagination. When he writes of escaping from the matrix, he means something akin to the movie, The Matrix. That iconic movie was released in 1999 and starred Keannu Reeves as the protagonist, Neo, and Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus...Read more

Is It All A State Of Mind?

I was at a birthday party the other night where two of the six people in attendance had serious health issues. One had recently undergone four months of chemo while the other had experienced open-heart surgery. Both women were between the ages of 55-60.

It got me thinking a lot about illness and how vulnerable we can be especially having to battle air and water pollution, chemtrails (which many people don’t recognize as being a threat), genetically modified foods and now the implementation of 5G in many towns and cities. These serious threats in our environment are the perfect storm for dis-ease. We can also certainly count on genetics, stress, and unconscious programming to really look at the complete picture of ill health.

Our state of mind is what I want to address in this blog and the question I pose is, are our thoughts anti-life or are they supportive of life? Are we running unconscious programs that are self-defeating, fear-based and life-threatening, and are our thoughts run by negative programs instilled in us years ago. How would we know if we are running them? The negative emotions engendered by subliminal programs seem to accompany ill health by lowering an individual’s energy fields and thus playing havoc with the immune system. Without a strong immune system, it is impossible to fight off cancer….Read More