We Hold the Power

Are you one of those people that believe everything in life is random and nothing means anything? I remember learning the definition of the world nihilism in school. That being, that existence is senseless and useless. What a tragic place to be in life. It’s seems like a senseless point of view, not to mention selfish.

Oh, you’re probably saying well life has its vicissitudes. It has its tragedies, and enormous, unthinkable cruelty so where is the compassion? All this is true of course and many people do seem to have it stacked against them. It’s not that I’m insensitive but I believe that based on feelings of despair, we are not doing the collective any good. Collective consciousness meaning the thoughts that create our reality.

As we know, we are at a crucial time in our history. Many believe we may not even
survive another decade because of the toxicity in our environment, famine that is brewing, viruses we can’t control, and a WW111 that seems inevitable.

I believe we have the power to make choices that will put us on a more exalted path where everyone-all 8 billion of us—can flourish. No, I’m not a wizard with a wand but merely a person who understands how energy works and the power of our thoughts. Perhaps you’ll indulge me for a sec. In order to rise above the scary scenario we find ourselves in today, it’s important to assess ourselves as either contributing positively or negatively to the collective consciousness of our planet. If your mind is on how you are going to pay the mortgage or doctor. bills or on the above mentioned grave potentials to come, then you’re not helping the collective of humanity. If you’re judging and blaming others for the plight we’re in, you’re having a negative ripple effect on others near you and of course the world as a pebble has a ripple effect on the smooth water when thrown in.

You’re certainly not in service to anyone but yourself. Remember service to self, service to others is a choice we must make and when are we going to do it, if not now!

You’ve probably seen many consciousness raising groups forming on the internet at this time of quarantine to pray together for the good of humanity and the earth. That’s the spirit. It is said that if 11 percent of the population is conscious enough to rise out of fear and blame into gratitude and love, the vibration of the planet will rise enough for us all to live in harmony and leave deprivation and all its facets behind.

My suggestion is to do the job you were meant to do. Or, rather help us all out because inunity there is strength.

Don’t fall for other people’s negative stories. Don’t fall into the trap of the blame game. Take 100% responsibility for your life. We are here for an important reason. Life is not random. Go to a higher place in your mind and in your actions. Allow higher thoughts of love, gratitude, peace to override negative thoughts and glide into the collective consciousness of a world in peace and harmony because we are all one.

Check out this website for global healing meditation: http://andriaonkla.net

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