Ascension Missions

This may get a bit woo woo for some readers. I suggest a line has been drawn among those who believe they have incarnated on earth to stand up in what is probably the most dangerous and tumultuous time in Earth’s history. Standing up means that you have a specific purpose or service contract to fulfill as opposed to those that sit on the sidelines hoping things will work out while going about their day as if they’ll soon be returning to pre-Covid times. The danger to people that don’t see the hand-writing on the wall is not taking any action or not understanding that we are on the precipice of losing all our personal freedom to more and more government control of every facet of our lives. As the NY Times best-selling author, John Clancy said, “We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it was out.”

Many of us have heard the clarion call to step up to our ascension earth mission (ascension being an upgrade in frequency which implies a dimensional time line shift out of the victim/victimizer game we are so good at playing and into unity consciousness). More on that at another time. Many of us are on the path of ascension or a bifurcation (split) in time lines which is happening gradually and can manifest as a feeling of peace and inner knowing, or some people can actually experience a whole different reality. We are getting some peeks into this different reality which can be experienced in dreams or waking visions. Some people can deliberately use their etheric body (we have multiple ways to get out of our dense physical body) to transcend time and space while being transported to a more loving and physically beautiful place.

Many people are seeing their ascension earth missions change even in a small way. Some of us may begin as activists for a cause such as fighting the media suppression of information about 5G or the ‘jab’ by writing or speaking about it. Others are asking our legislators to defend our constitutional rights and then hold them accountable. There are many brave and unsung heroes; particularly the whistle-blowers who put their reputation and sometimes their lives on the line for the cause of liberty and freedom from different types of tyranny. You may not see yourself as an activist or a person who is a truth teller or healer in troubled times

but the form of healing presents in many ways and even giving understanding and consideration to those that are bereft from losing loved ones in the pandemic or are frightened of not being able to pay their mortgage because they’ve lost their jobs, are examples.

For those of us that are awake and aware, it seems we are in the process of creating a shield or canopy with the help of off-planet Guardian races (woo woo alert) that have taught us how to deflect negative energy, to use the gold and rainbow colored frequencies as tools of self- purification when we feel depressed or depleted of energy. Additionally, on the topic of personal healing you can imagine bringing the colors mentioned into your body from the top of your head and letting them circulate through every cell in your body and out around your aura and into your environment.

You can utilize higher frequency tools like Aromatherapy and Flower Essences (Bach Flower Remedies), because of the unique relationship between the plant kingdom and the central nervous system as they reconnect the broken circuitry and rebalance the electrical overload. Try using bath salts (Himalayan) saltwater and baking soda immersions that pull toxins and morgellens (fibers imbedded in the tissues breathed in the air often by the spraying of chemtrails containing biological agents). Another way to safeguard health/immune system is through the use of superfoods such as goji berries, cacao, maca, bee products, and spirulina

We all carry cellular memories of different types of healing modalities and talents that can be used to help others. With meditation perhaps you can bring them to the surface. Don’t forget to connect with your tribe whether it be a small group of people you are in harmony with or an expanded group forming in different states and countries.

Check out David Wolfe’s book entitled, Superfoods: The Food & Medicine of the Future from North Atlantic Books

Flower Essences-Reordering Our Understanding and Approach to Illness & Health by Machaelle Small Wright

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