Walking Through Walls

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of the possibility of walking through walls. It probably doesn’t come up on a daily basis but certainly we might find it a handy capability in a sticky situation. Guess what? It is now possible according to a new patent I will describe. This patent recently filed enables humans to walk through walls! Fancy that. I immediately knew that this was a done deal which would be available to us in the near future, albeit it takes a little training. I’d hate to think of getting stuck with an appendage dangling on one side of the wall and with no escape. Scientists have figured out a way, with their knowledge of quantum physics and their understanding of the chakra system. This development seems to be a combination of mystic schools mixed with modern alchemy and includes new ideas about physical space. At the same time, we’re reading about UFO disclosures which have even gone main stream and I wonder if there’s a connection between the two. I guess I’ll keep wondering for a while or until our galactic brothers care to enlighten the masses.

I’ve always been interested in the idea that we have technology that far surpasses anything the general public knows about but would be available to branches of our military and what some people term the ‘elite’ or power brokers in our society. Call me cynical. Take for instance, med beds which are now a reality and which will be introduced to humans very shortly. There are many prototypes now and probably we will see the use of them for complete, physical, mental and emotional healing in our hospitals in the near future. This is one of the many technologies which can greatly advance and heal our damaged society and which have been kept sadly under wraps. It is said, the technology for the beds have been given to us by benevolent extra-terrestrials who thought we were mature enough to handle them. But, that is still in question.

I write about benevolent and malevolent ET’s in my book, ‘Geek to Glory’ in which a youngster has a fateful meeting with an ET from the planet Sirius B and becomes engaged in understanding the physics of manifestation and how to time travel. See my book on Amazon and refer to the link on my website if you have a teen that is interested in quantum physics and life within and outside our galaxy.

Back to walking through walls. Imagine the power of an individual if everyone was trained from birth to use the technology which involves (according to the patent) the use of our chakra systems and the vortex of energy that flows through our chakras (7 within the body and a number above and below our feet). Each of the chakras or energy systems connects to a different dimensional reality with its own vibration and particular frequency.

I’ve learned through studying quantum physics about our multi-dimensional anatomy, merkaba mechanics (counter rotating spirals of electrical and magnetic energy), and time travel. All this information the ancients understood and were considerate enough to pass on through primarily religious texts and monuments. We didn’t invent all these highly technical advancements, they did and it is hubris to think otherwise! This esoteric information is available to us and explains ways to walk through objects, create objects through thin air, and raise the Kundalini Energy up through the base chakra to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and much more.

Looking at a chakra colored chart, you’ll perceive it’s about frequency and vibration– go back to Nikola Tesla to get a better understanding. Each of the wave lengths of a chakra vibrate at a different spectrum. Check out the subject of Cymatics which is the study of wave phenomena, especially sound and their visual representations.

As an experiment and to clarify what I’ve just been writing about ; think of playing with a solid substance. Let’s say you put flower or salt onto a flat surface with a speaker below it. When you change the frequency of the speaker, the pattern also changes. Solids behave very differently than liquids and when you use sound with water, and we are anywhere between 65-68 percent water, it starts to deconstruct down to a different matter form. The basis for de-manifestation is when the vibration state changes.

What did the ancient cultures understand about de-constructing? And, did they put it to good use. So many things hidden in plain sight and yet so many things coming in to the open now. See article by Jared James, July 5th, 2021 at, mypatriotsnetwork.com See Ted talks on Cymatics: Even Grant: Making sound visible through Cymatics

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