The Power of Imagination

You may, at some time, have considered how beneficial and life altering your imagination can be. Consider Olympic athletes using imagery as mental training. This mental prowess was cultivated through years of training the mind to tune out distractions , reduce stress, sharpen focus , and achieve optimal performance.

Most of us haven’t used the wealth of our imagination for manifestation purposes or to achieve our goals. We use it more often to envision a worst case scenario for something we are nervous about or in fear of at some time in the future.

Our imagination, if used properly, can be our greatest ally. Once discovered, imagination can help us expand and enhance our goals and dreams. It can make them larger and infinitely more exciting. Therefore, it is the most important secret on the planet.

Jon Rappaport, who is an investigative reporter, author, and blogger often writes on subjects that have to do with exiting from the matrix and the power of imagination. When he writes of escaping from the matrix, he means something akin to the movie, The Matrix. That iconic movie was released in 1999 and starred Keannu Reeves as the protagonist, Neo, and Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus.

One of the themes of the movie is that technology doesn’t have to be smarter than humans to enslave them. As long as humans turn to technology to solve human problems, humans and technology are interdependent. Neo escapes the matrix because he acted on the premise that imagination has everything to do with reality, not as it is, but as it could be.

Jeff Bollow, a writer and Hollywood Producer/Director gave a TedX talk which you can view on You Tube. The title, Expand Your Imagination Exponentially. His premise is that for us to survive the disruptive changes ahead, we need to expand our imagination. The way he suggests doing this is through movies, TV and the creation of stories which expand what’s possible. As an example, Star Trek triggered people’s imagination. Let’s face it, imagination is the fuel of creativity and is our brain’s ability to form concepts, sensations and ideas internally. As Bollow suggests, it is like a canvas for testing out ideas and its power is largely attributable to our complex language system. Imagination enables us to perceive beyond our physical space.

For your consideration, I suggest that the use of our imagination is a most critical and well-kept secret for manifestation. When used for our personal and planetary well-being, miracles can happen.