Is It All A State Of Mind?

I was at a birthday party the other night where two of the six people in attendance had serious health issues. One had recently undergone four months of chemo while the other had experienced open-heart surgery. Both women were between the ages of 55-60.

It got me thinking a lot about illness and how vulnerable we can be especially having to battle air and water pollution, chemtrails (which many people don’t recognize as being a threat), genetically modified foods and now the implementation of 5G in many towns and cities. These serious threats in our environment are the perfect storm for dis-ease. We can also certainly count on genetics, stress, and unconscious programming to really look at the complete picture of ill health.

Our state of mind is what I want to address in this blog and the question I pose is, are our thoughts anti-life or are they supportive of life? Are we running unconscious programs that are self-defeating, fear based and life threatening, and are our thoughts run by negative programs instilled in us years ago. How would we know if we are running them? The negative emotions engendered by subliminal programs seem to accompany ill health by lowering an individual’s energy fields and thus playing havoc with the immune system. Without a strong immune system it is impossible to fight off cancer.

Health can be defined as the experience of unopposed aliveness and we do have the power to refuse things that are negative in our lives. It is shocking to find out how many negative thoughts we have on a daily basis, and unless we are vigilant about checking in with your thoughts they go unrealized.

Health is also an expression of self-love and how it relates to our attitudes. It’s the relationship between the mind/body and spirit. The principle to understand is that we are only subject to what we hold in our minds and we respond to what the mind believes. Yes, we’ve been hearing this over and over again but are we putting this into practice?

One of the women from the birthday party who was fighting cancer went out on the patio on several occasions to smoke cigarettes as well as consuming a couple of glasses of wine along with a hefty piece of b’day cake.

Naturally, it wasn’t my business to comment but of course I was making a silent judgement on what kind of subliminal programs she was running. Knowing that illness comes out of a belief system as well as the issues listed above, I’m suggesting that we’ve been hypnotized by TV and by a form of childhood amnesia where very few memories come to the surface and there are vast areas of forgetfulness that express later in life. These hidden thoughts become our subliminal programs.

What can we do about it? Obviously, we need to watch our thoughts and our actions. Change them both when you have the awareness that something is askew and your life isn’t working the way you’d wish. One thing I do is use a form of self-hypnosis or self-correction when I’m aware of negatively. I found a great site, in which a well renowned hypnotist by the name of Marisa Peer leads audiences into an easy self-hypnosis state and effectively shows you how to eliminate self-sabotaging programs. It’s easy to do on your own and I try to do this once a day for about 10 minutes. You can find free videos online. Just google her name and if you wish, you can also buy a number of her specific programs; as an example there are programs for relationships, money issues, self-esteem.

Stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming holidays. If you have any questions or need further info, please comment in the space provided.

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