Elevating Human Consciousness

Science has shown us that there are actually fifty different frequencies in the brain. Most of us are familiar with alpha, beta and theta and what those particular brainwaves are about. But, 47 more is pretty interesting. Scientists also tell us that you can reverse engineer these frequencies to change the way your brain functions. So, if you don’t like your thoughts or the reality you’ve created with those thoughts and beliefs, there is help on the way! You can actually upgrade your belief systems and inner programming and thus harness your mind to transform your reality.

Those are bold statements and although I listen to many anecdotes from attendees of Consciousness Raising programs, I wanted to experience one myself. What I will share is information from one of the many excellent programs from Mindvalley. Mindvalley consists of online learning programs for personal growth using the world’s best teachers. You can even download their app for some excellent free programs which I highly recommend.

The CEO and innovator of Mindvalley, Vishnu Lakhiani, gives a workshop on the six ways you can change your brain waves to higher states of consciousness and thus experience more fulfillment in all aspects of your life. When you quiet your mind, not necessarily in the traditional form of meditation but just by beginning to slow your breathing and relaxing, you can accomplish remarkable changes. You would begin by starting to think about compasson and kindness in terms of the entire human race. You stay on the thought until you are ready to move onto gratitude. Science has shown that gratitutde has the single most correlation to well being than any other character trait. Next in your quiet and relaxed state, you would move on to the trait of forgiveness. That’s a tough one when holding grudges for perceived betrayals. So the idea is to forgive yourself for holding the emotion and dig into why you do and then transfer the forgiveness to the person you hold in your sites as the betrayer. The 4th area is to envision your life 3 years hence. You would work on visualizing a great life for yourself; whatever that means to you. Number 5 is simply having a vision of how you want your day to go and finally, number 6 is to have the sense/feeling that you are being supported (by a higher power). This may be another tough one for some people particularly if your life is in tatters but it’s important to try to sustain that feeling even for a minute or so.

These steps are where you start alterning your brain wave patterns and entraining them to help you create a new reality. Okay, it takes some work and discipline but the outcome can be magnificent.

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