A Special BRAND of Wisdom

Many of you know Russell Brand as an actor, comedian, social commentator, and former husband of Katy Perry. While at the Sarasota Film Festival 6 months ago and before our country went into a massive tail-spin, I was able to enjoy a documentary that followed Brand giving personal interviews on TV and radio shows. Currently he does You Tube interviews and gives enlightened sound bites of his special ‘brand’ of wisdom. He delivers these with a wicked sense of irony and humor. Can you tell, I like the guy!

What’s most important and interesting about him is that besides being a charismatic individual, i he seems to be demonstrating what it means to be in unity consciousness. He has emancipated himself from suffering and arrived at the core of his being where the feeling of all is well resides. I’m sure there are times when we can all identify with ‘all is well’ but it seems to be getting harder to attain this satisfying emotion . Brand walks the walks and talks the talk. He demonstrates to his listeners that whatever is going on for him in the external world needs to be given acknowledgement but with the understanding that it doesn’t have to fit his inner reality anymore. Whoa, what does that mean?

I’ll try not to be ambiguous and explain. Mr. Brand is an example of an individual that has gotten beyond the egoic mind to a place beyond his own imaginings where he refrains from narcissistic self -absorption. He seems to have surrendered to the greater plan drafted by his higher self. Not only that, but he is telling everyone that it is possible to do the same and thus he leads by example. He is bravely confronting dishonest politicians, the skewed media, the money is my God medical system, and not least of all, the oppressive military industrial complex. If that’s not enough, he knows how to laugh at himself. Granted not everyone is as brave as he is but he also can fortify himself with his celebrity and there is a certain advantage in that. But I give him credit for being a beacon of light and shining it on the ‘the dark side’ the oppressors in our world.

Thankfully, more and more people are embodying this new energy as the physical structures of the society we know fall apart. Although it looks bad in ‘external’ reality thanks to the perpetual lies and propagation of fear porn, much is happening beyond what we can see. We are rebuilding new ways to live and to act with responsibility and kindness.

When we finish the course requirements from the university of cause and effect, we will begin to bring our highest creative visions to the New Earth. It’s time for all of us to figure out our part in the divine plan. Some people speak of a bifurcation of timelines which is upon us now. This split is about making either the choice to take the high road or dwell in the muck and mire we are currently experiencing. Choose well. Be a fearless warrior for yourself and those that are too weak, too young, or too immersed in their own struggles to imagine and work towards this new reality.

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