Master Your Subconscious

masteryoursubconsciousMaster Your Subconscious

“Master Your Subconscious” gives you the practical information and techniques to help you alter a lifetime of ingrained habits and thoughts which have sabotaged your self-worth and ultimately, your happiness.

Most people don’t realize they complicate their lives with wrong thinking, and they are destined for a life of struggle unless they have the tools to help themselves. You can choose to think in ways that will support you in your happiness and success, or ways that don’t. Do you ever question your abilities? Are you plagued by habits not in line with your ultimate goals and desires? Do you sometimes act in self-destructive ways, or get stuck by unfounded fears and worries? We all do. However, with a little commitment and desire on your part, you can be introduced to very effective strategies to make you aware of negative thoughts, and repattern self-destructive tendencies. Remember, negative thoughts and beliefs are only based on old programs you learned as you were growing up — learning them from parents, relatives, schools, and community.

Did a parent ever tell you, “You’ll never amount to anything.” Have you have lived up to that expectation? Were you told, “You have to work hard for your money.” So, you took that statement to heart, and have been working like a mule with little to show for it. These statements are examples of beliefs you appropriated.

Here’s one of many tips you’ll learn in this book. Your thoughts lead to your feelings, your feelings lead to action and your actions leads to your results. So what thoughts are you having lately, and what are the results? Learn what to do about your negative thoughts / beliefs, and some suggestions to help you repair your old and detrimental ways of thinking. Isn’t it time to get off this wheel of abuse and repetition? These detrimental programs need to be expunged if you are to have a productive life. The old programs need to be replaced by new and more evolved ones, so instead of becoming a slave to negative thoughts, you become awake, aware, and empowered to create the life you never imagined.

By your awareness and some simple strategies, you can set up new neural pathways in the brain, while discarding the harmful ones that have kept you from attaining your ultimate goals and desires. This is a powerful and practical book. Take back your power. You need to be in the command booth now and these insights and strategies will help you change the way you think, feel and behave for greater happiness, balance and peace of mind.

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