Coming Out of the Void

We were horrified to hear about the incredible damage and death toll in Australia. Not only were human lives lost but one billion animals perished. It’s hard to imagine those statistics. Many people experienced empathy and issued prayers either individually or in groups. Although Australia is thousands of miles away from the North American continent, we showed solidarity on our own terms praying, sending gifts of money or material objects.

There are some that see the symbolic nature of these fires although they are probably in the minority. I’d like to point out what I think is relevant and then you decide. If we think about the catastrophe in another perspective, Australia needed to develop a new level of society, a new form of lifestyle and a new form of community. Before such a shift could occur, a void state needed to be reached. In its more mundane form, the definition of void state would mean nothing legal or binding. In the sense of spiritual awakening, a void could mean that the path of enlightenment requires painful ego dissolution and the disintegration of the illusion of separateness. As we navigate the waters of spiritual awakening in a time when our planet is rising in frequency, also known as ascension, we experience voids in phases. It’s never an easy ride.

Sometimes it feels like all the work we have done in our journey is in vain when we find ourselves in chaotic, frenzied, and often frightening situations. The void happens when frequency gets stuck in a cycle of downward or possibly horizontal movement causing us pain, frustration and despair or hopelessness. To the point, we can experience the dark night of the soul. Most of us will experience many voids in our lives some not so dramatic. Voids usually happen when we most need to heal something. Certainly, there is a void to experience when it comes to reprogramming extreme lack and limitation. Our light is literally blocked out when we experience a void. When the life forms and the land were extinguished by the fires in Australia not to mention California, a void was experienced. The repetitive fires created a cleansing of the land and of the energetic bonds between the homes and their owners, the business and their owners, the government and their communities. These ties were meant to dissolve in some form or other opening a space for new forms of communities and new ways to govern. A system that was not working was disassembled. The fires were devastating in their scope but when viewed from a spiritual perspective, it could make some sense. Take what you will out of this message but I, like many of us, was wrestling with these tragedies and it gave me some peace to think of it from another perspective.

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