Behavior Modification for Children

BehaviorMod3Behavior Modification for Children

When you use effective parenting skills to change your child’s behavior, not only will you reap the benefits, but your child will learn the necessary skills to be a successful problem-solver and have better coping skills. Although we can’t control our childrens’ destinies, we can help mold them into productive and fair-minded adults through our guidance and nurturing so that they can become the best they are capable of being.  In the book, “Behavior Modification For Children” you will learn hands-on strategies to help moderate aggressive/ hostile behavior, lack of focus and down-right apathy. You will also learn how your subconscious programming and beliefs have impacted your child and what to do about it.

As a teacher of gifted and special education students for the past 18 years in the New York City, London, England and Phoenix, Az. school systems, I was determined to find ways to moderate obnoxious behavior and lack of discipline in the classroom as well as helping beleagured parents to deal with many types of distressing situations at home. I developed a program which includes tools/techniques/scripts to help children and their parents. Some of the information including in the book will pertain to:

How to set limits

Parenting the child you have

How to take control right now using a system of rewards and consequences that work

Helping your child alter negative behavior and choose more positive alternatives

Exercises to determine your own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns so they don’t impact your child

How to get back into control right now

Responding with empathy

“Behavior Modification For Children” will help you move forward without carrying around the baggage of “what I could have done” to alter the situation both for myself and my child. It will afford you ways to open communication lines with your child and see more empowered results.

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