Don’t Believe Everything You Think

The belief that we are frail, biochemical machines and that we are controlled by our genes is being disproved in the last couple of decades, particularly by two well-known authors and human potential speakers, Drs. Bruce Lipton and.Joe Dispenzer.  They suggest that we have the innate potential to be powerful creators of our lives and the world in which we live. Both men would agree that more than 80% of serious dis-eases are caused by emotional trauma which is locked into certain areas of the brain as memories that are imprinted there and are constantly replayed in a variety of situations. And, that recognizing that many of the beliefs that propel our lives are false and self-limiting is the first step to taking control of our lives.  What is also remarkable are some profound healings that have come out of the teachings of the two men. Dr. Dispenza speaks of people with MS and Parkinson’s disease walking and speaking perfectly normal after a 5-day workshop which is mostly devoted to altering the sabotaging programs held in the memory and re-creating a different reality driven by intention,  elevated emotion, and repetition. As Dr. Dispenza states, “Most people are unconscious all day long.”  He means they are programmed to do the same things on a daily basis and do it pretty much robotically. “It usually takes a trauma to wake up. This concept is referred to in neuro-science as metacognition when self-awareness comes into play.

With enough concentration and discipline, you will have cultivated a new energy signature that will attract more of what you desire. There is the death of the old self and how you think and feel begins to affect your external environment.  When we realize we have such control over our mind and body, the world starts to look entirely different and we move into a new state of being.   The knowledge certainly has the power to change lives. Check out Dr. Lipton’s book entitled, The Biology of Belief, and Dr. Dispenza’s website, where you can find lectures, ongoing courses, events, and books. ,

Geek to Glory description

Fourteen year old Jackson Elderberry Monroe is an indigo. He has unusual abilities that he is not yet aware of due to acceleration codes imbedded in his DNA. He is to be trained for quite a dangerous mission and ultimately be part of a team to prevent Earth from being propelled into a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy with the use of high level alien technology.
The diabolic plan was set in motion by a collective of sinister aliens from different time vectors who have one thing in common; to gain control of Stargate 3 at Earth’s core and to pillage all Earth’s natural resources which they had abused on their respective planets. Not to mention the creatures would be able to feast upon the flesh of tasty humans and/or use them as slaves.

TeTe, a trouble-making extraterrestrial from the planet Sirius B in the sixth dimension has been kicked off the Sirian council due to very disruptive behavior and his penchant for fun times at the healing spa on dimension 6. His penance is to train young Jackson Monroe for the mission. Why would Jackson want to put his neck on the block or even deal with this preposterous character, TeTe? Only time will tell if Jackson and the Earth Guardian Team succeed or if every being on the planet is engulfed in an eating machine black hole never to see the light of day again.

Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Consider the fact that all our parents/caretakers were young people who made mistakes before becoming our mother’s fathers and/or relatives who have raised us. Then, rethink judging their life choices if you do play the blame game when things go pear-shaped for you.

There is no way we can ever know all the personal struggles they encountered; their vulnerabilities and heartbreaks, happy times, relationships with their own family members. Many have conveniently learned to place the blame on family members for their own faults and disappointments. We often blame our parents for the choices they made for us and the lessons they sometimes inflicted upon us. It’s so easy to blame others for our mistakes and misdeeds because it’s less painful to own up to them.

For the most part, and I hope you’ll agree, our parents, relatives, and friends were trying to do the best for us coming through their perceptual filters. The point being, are we being mindful of not repeating the patterns of behavior and beliefs with our own children? It’s probably a good idea to take an appraisal of this particularly at this time of year when it’s the time to reflect on the past years.

In these precarious times, where we have to deal with many uncomfortable surprises on both the economic and political fronts and we often feel very unbalanced, I am suggesting that we give extra love and attention to those in our lives that are important and to extend it to caring and consideration to those in the community. Reach out to friends and relatives because you may be restricted from seeing them during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love all the children and try to make them feel as secure as possible. Helping others is the best way to get off ourselves. Below you will find a statement from a group called Intenders of the Highest Good. They now have free membership of close to 3 million people with uplifting messages every week. You can sign up from a link I will place at the bottom of the page. The one below was sent a couple of weeks ago.

A Vision for Helpfulness

We see a world where people are helping each other; where we are open at all times to support others and give assistance to whoever needs it with whatever they need it for.

We see helpfulness being the watchword of the day so that when we meet someone new our first and foremost inclination is to help them. Can you imagine it – because if you can, you can create it! For, it leads us to a world where we truly care about one another; where we are grateful to each other for the help we’ve received; and where we are all expressing a willingness to serve our fellow travelers.

With an attitude such as this, we’ve charted a course that will, most assuredly. bring us peace of mind and the experience of Oneness with All That Is.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
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Each week close to 3 million people align with a particular vision which creates an energetic resonance for everyone. You can even write it and share your own vision should you wish. to sign up free for The Vision Alignment Project.

Have a peaceful and loving holiday season and try visualizing a world where people live with integrity equality, and kindness. It’s a tough job but I think most of us are up to the task. It’s really not too much to ask for and if we all concentrated on that thought, we’d be having a great 2021!

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Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyperspace

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Neuro Wisdom

There’s always an upside to every negative situation and the suffering it causes.. For one thing, we are not able to focus on a positive and negative experience simultaneously. As an example,  the sensation of pain, whether emotional or physical will always diminish when we think of something pleasurable. It is literally impossible.

According to author and neuro-scientist, Mark Waldman, in his e-book, Neuro-Wisdom, “The brain has preferences to embed negative emotions because the organism needs to respond to future threats faster than our conscious mind can respond.”  He explains, “When a real emergency takes place like someone driving their car into your lane, the consciousness in your frontal lobe is turned down so that your instinctual reactiveness can take evasive action.”

The more you think about the possibility that something awful may happen, the more your brain releases the stress chemicals to prepare the body for the “fight or flight” response.

Interestingly, building optimism and a way to deal with negative thoughts and stress involve a ratio according to Dr. Waldman.  It was determined in an independent study done by Fredrickson, Gottman and Losada that when the number of positive and negative ratios is a key to our happiness and peace of mind. Their suggested ratio is 5:1. That is 5 positive thoughts/experiences vs. 1 negative. This ratio will avoid the brain’s propensity to turn negative experiences into memories which then engender beliefs that we act upon. Try it yourself and then perhaps you’ll consider teaching it to your child.

So, okay there are a multitude of techniques that help you own this ratio.   The one I’ll highlight now is called the Flip Switch Technique which is pioneered by Dr. Robert Anthony whose transitional self-hypnosis books and audios can be found on-line. Check out psychological counselor and hypnotist, Marisa Peer for self-hypnosis techniques to remove negative and self-sabotaging thoughts. She’ll lead you on a visualization in which you’ll get immediate benefit. Find her on youtube and you don’t have to buy into the program if you don’t want to. She offer’s plenty of hands-on techniques online which use creative visualizations and help you and/or your child create a way of resolving obstacles and troubling behavioral patterns in a surprisingly quick way.