Don’t Believe Everything You Think

The belief that we are frail, biochemical machines and that we are controlled by our genes is being disproved in the last couple of decades, particularly by two well-known authors and human potential speakers, Drs. Bruce Lipton and.Joe Dispenzer.  They suggest that we have the innate potential to be powerful creators of our lives and the world in which we live. Both men would agree that more than 80% of serious dis-eases are caused by emotional trauma which is locked into certain areas of the brain as memories that are imprinted there and are constantly replayed in a variety of situations. And, that recognizing that many of the beliefs that propel our lives are false and self-limiting is the first step to taking control of our lives.  What is also remarkable are some profound healings that have come out of the teachings of the two men. Dr. Dispenza speaks of people with MS and Parkinson’s disease walking and speaking perfectly normal after a 5-day workshop which is mostly devoted to altering the sabotaging programs held in the memory and re-creating a different reality driven by intention,  elevated emotion, and repetition. As Dr. Dispenza states, “Most people are unconscious all day long.”  He means they are programmed to do the same things on a daily basis and do it pretty much robotically. “It usually takes a trauma to wake up. This concept is referred to in neuro-science as metacognition when self-awareness comes into play.

With enough concentration and discipline, you will have cultivated a new energy signature that will attract more of what you desire. There is the death of the old self and how you think and feel begins to affect your external environment.  When we realize we have such control over our mind and body, the world starts to look entirely different and we move into a new state of being.   The knowledge certainly has the power to change lives. Check out Dr. Lipton’s book entitled, The Biology of Belief, and Dr. Dispenza’s website, where you can find lectures, ongoing courses, events, and books. ,