Geek to Glory description

Fourteen year old Jackson Elderberry Monroe is an indigo. He has unusual abilities that he is not yet aware of due to acceleration codes imbedded in his DNA. He is to be trained for quite a dangerous mission and ultimately be part of a team to prevent Earth from being propelled into a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy with the use of high level alien technology.
The diabolic plan was set in motion by a collective of sinister aliens from different time vectors who have one thing in common; to gain control of Stargate 3 at Earth’s core and to pillage all Earth’s natural resources which they had abused on their respective planets. Not to mention the creatures would be able to feast upon the flesh of tasty humans and/or use them as slaves.

TeTe, a trouble-making extraterrestrial from the planet Sirius B in the sixth dimension has been kicked off the Sirian council due to very disruptive behavior and his penchant for fun times at the healing spa on dimension 6. His penance is to train young Jackson Monroe for the mission. Why would Jackson want to put his neck on the block or even deal with this preposterous character, TeTe? Only time will tell if Jackson and the Earth Guardian Team succeed or if every being on the planet is engulfed in an eating machine black hole never to see the light of day again.